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Shore Acres Elementary School  

Principal: Dr. Bonnie Cangelosi
Dr. Cangelosi

A Message from the principal:
Shore Acres believes that to reach its full potential in helping students learn, it must become a learning community in and of itself. It is therefore committed to developing a spirit of curiosity, inquiry and reflection that touches adults and students alike. The goal of Shore Acres Elementary School is to create self-learners and self-managers. Each day, students depend a little less on their teachers and the school. Each day students rely a little more on their own convictions and resources. Each day, teachers rely a little less on their supervisors and administrators. Each day, teachers rely a little more on their own convictions and resources.

Shore Acres believes that every student can learn, and it does everything in its power to see that every student does learn. Conditions that impede learning, no matter what their origins, are viewed as problems to be solved, rather than as conditions to be accepted.

Shore Acres Elementary School seeks to provide for the whole student. Although it is essentially academic, it recognizes that problems of learning are systemic. Therefore, Shore Acres does not shrink from its responsibility to do everything in its power to attend to the developmental, physical and social needs of its students. Prime among its values is the ethic of caring, and caring is viewed as a key to academic success.

Shore Acres Elementary School honors respect. Shore Acres respects teachers by acknowledging both their professional commitment and their knowledge of craft. Teachers are free to decide for themselves how to teach and in other ways to express their own personal visions of teaching. Teachers respond to such acknowledgment by accepting responsibility for conducting themselves in accordance with the professional ideal. Our school respects students by giving them the same consideration given to teachers, parents and other adults.

Shore Acres Elementary School sees parents, teachers, community and school as partners, with reciprocal and interdependent rights to participate and benefit and with obligations to support and assist. It is recognized that the school needs the advice and support of parents if its work in teaching and learning is to be meaningful and effective. By involving parents constructively the school will become more constructively involved with students. By involving the school constructively, parents will become more constructively involved with their own children. Shore Acres seeks a relationship with all its stakeholder groups of mutual trust and goodwill as well as mutual benefits.
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